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Frequently Asked Questions


I am interested in using JMI Reports but would like some additional information. What is your pricing on various inspections?

First you will need to register on the system and obtain a client code and password. To begin the process please click here.


I am a new client. How do I order my first inspection?

For an information packet that contains information on JMI Reports and pricing, please click here. A pdf brochure will be emailed to you or we can send information via US Mail.


How long does a typical inspection take to complete?

We strive to get all inspections completed within 21 days of your order. In some metro/urban areas, turnaround can be 1-2 weeks. In the more rural areas inspections may take up to 30 days. Other factors like setting appointments on Commercial or HVD surveys may delay the inspection if insured does not respond promptly to the inspector’s calls.


How can I check on the status of an inspection I have ordered?

Within your client site you have access to the ACTIVITY LOG on any inspection. This log will contain notes from the inspector on phone calls, appointment dates, status or any difficulties encountered that would delay the completion of your inspection. You can also communicate to the inspector additional information - like new contact numbers or directions to a risk - via this log.


How will the completed inspection be returned to me?

That is up to you and the needs of your company. Inspections can be emailed directly to you as a pdf file or you can receive an email notification when inspection is completed and ready to view via your secure area on our website. Once here, the report can be downloaded, emailed or printed. JMI also has the capability to set up FTP or Web Services.


What if I have special considerations for an inspection?

Often underwriters will have what we term a Special Attention item that needs to be answered by the Inspector/Inspection. Some examples may be ROOF CONDITION, BREED AND TEMPERAMENT OF DOG, PROTECTION CLASS, etc. Or special contact instructions or photo needs. When placing your inspection request, just make sure to input any Special Attention items in the field provided for your free-form entry. Whatever items are entered here will be addressed specifically in the inspector’s comments or through a SPECIAL ATTENTION paragraph in the inspection narrative.


How will I be invoiced for my inspections?

Invoices are sent monthly and can be customized to your specific needs - listing insured names, policy numbers, order dates, days elapsed from order to completion, etc. The invoices can also be subtotaled by various methods such as state, office/branch, report type or some other factor you identify to us. Payment terms are net 30 days.


Does JMI store the inspection?

JMI stores all inspections for all clients at no extra charge. Reports are kept for a minimum of 5 years, and can be stored longer as the need arises.


Is the information provided and stored in your website secure?

JMI takes website security very seriously to protect and save customer data. We have deployed the latest tools and technologies as well as a strict security policy to safeguard your data. We will be pleased to provide more details about our security policy upon request.


I have a re-underwriting project, can we obtain special forms and/or pricing?

JMI has extensive experience doing re-underwriting projects for our clients. We can customize a solution for you, and provide special pricing for that project based on the volume levels and location of the inspections. We will provide various management reports as well as agent/insured communications. We can allow agent access to the reports via our online website, or we can provide the agent with a report tailored to their book of business.


I am an agent for an insurance carrier, will JMI work directly with agents?

Yes, we do work directly with agents to provide inspection services. We will not work directly with the insured on any inspection.