Corporate Announcements
Newest Audit Analyst is Angela Pope
29 Dec

Angela “Angie” Pope is JMI Reports, Inc.’s newest Premium Audit analyst. Starting Dec. 19 in JMI’s home office, this is the first time in her customer service career that she has had a desk job, and she is very excited for the opportunity.

   Most recently a manager at a deli in Parma, Ohio where she has worked for 10 years, she previously worked at a gas station where she was a shift manager.

  “I am really excited to have my first office desk and phone extension that are mine,” Angie said, noting that she previously shared with another employee. “I like the whole office setting. In the work I come from, it is very different where I see thousands of people a day coming in and out.”

  She said that through the years she has gotten to know “the regulars” who came into the gas station or deli and keeps in touch with many. JMI Premium Audit Analyst Dia DeLuca is one of the customers Angie has known from working at the deli. It was Dia who mentioned that JMI was hiring for more audit analysts.

  “I’ve known Dia since she was little and would come in with her mom and grandma. I’ve watched her grow up,” she said.

  A single mom to a 14-year-old daughter, McKenzie, and 8-year-old son, Noah, Angie lives in Parma and is very grateful for this new opportunity.

  “I never had insurance, benefits or retirement before,” she said. “I’m nervous as this is so different, but I am a people person and am very good at dealing with the public and difficult people and have a lot of customer service skills.”

  One of Angie’s pastimes is keeping in touch with former customers and other friends through social media like Facebook and through that, she has really fostered a hobby she has.

  “I am an extreme couponer, and love to look on Facebook for coupon deals and am in 100 different coupon groups,” she said, adding that she has even taught couponing classes.

  She also makes money on her hobby, selling items that she buys – including groceries and household products – at flea markets on weekends.

  “I’ve been doing it for about a year now, and now I can’t buy anything without a sale or a coupon,” she said, noting that one time she got $100 worth of items for 50 cents using her coupons.