QuickVUE: Revolutionizing Everything You Know About Property Surveys

QuickVUE is a revolutionary fast, and affordable pre-screening risk assessment that equips underwriters with critical information to quickly prioritize and respond to new business or renewal policies.

  • 10-day turnaround allowing you to gather more information within the underwriting window*
  • 0 contact with policyholder
  • For about HALF the cost of a traditional risk review

*On average, only 15-20% of properties surveyed with QuickVUE need further, comprehensive risk assessments.

What You Get

3-4 Real-Time Photos with Current Property Condition

You receive 3-4 real-time, street-view photos with current property condition and address verification, when accessible.

Hazard Data, Including Risk Exposures

Your data includes individual scores for fire protection as well as earthquake, flood, hail, wildfire and additional risk exposures based on advanced data from HazardHub.

Replacement Cost

Each report includes a validated ITV based on verified livable area, RC variance (if Coverage A supplied), as well as a separate roof-only replacement cost.

Risk Score

A graded risk score helps underwriters quickly triage high-risk properties for further, traditional “boots-on-the-ground” survey.

Your report also includes ITV Variance to Coverage A.

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