Introducing Our Newest Product Offering

This unique & innovative report provides you with a comprehensive, timely and very cost-effective way to gather initial risk and underwriting information on your new business policies or renewal book

QuickVUE presented by JMI Reports – a great way to get to know your property book of business more efficiently, and more economically.

Each report provides critical underwriting information including:

Three to Four Real-Time Public/Street-View Photos

A front view is provided including a) from a center position showing only the front, b) 2 front views taken one from each corner of the front yard showing front and left side and a front and right side, and c) an address veri cation photo (when visible/accessible). In the unusual instance where current photos are not available (typically less than 5%), photos from alternative sources are provided.

Building & Roof Replacement Cost

By calculating the building replacement cost along with additional roof replacement cost, the probable maximum loss and average annual loss as a result of a catastrophic event is known.

Fire Protection

A risk score is derived from information collected through federal, state, local and commercial sources that assigns the correct responding fire station, driving distance and availability of municipal water, based on the property’s exact location.


Data is provided with distance to fault and frequency/severity of past events.


A score of A-F is provided based on a property’s distance to high-risk vegetation, slope, and defendable space.