Corporate Announcements
JMI Reports names John DeLuca as Newest FOM
16 Aug

  John DeLuca of Olmsted Township, Ohio became the newest Field Operations Manager for JMI Reports, Inc. earlier this month. While he is new to being a field manager, he is very familiar with working with independent contractors. As a store manager for CheckSmart Financial in Brook Park, Ohio, John oversaw a business that assisted people needing short-term personal loans. Many of his customers were people who were outside contractors.

  “I would get to know people as they came in to cash their checks for work they had done,” John said. “I got to know their range of personalities.”

  He noted that the position provided him with communication, people and organizational skills that will help him in his role as a field manager.

  “I was very hands-on,” he said of the job that he had for 10 years.

  Prior to working there, he was a manger of a movie theater, managing the Regal Cinema in Middleburgh Heights, Ohio for 10 years. A native of Pittsburgh, he attended college for business management.

  “I didn’t get the degree, but I got the experience,” he quipped.

  John first started working at a movie theater in his early 20s and relocated to New Jersey, back to Pennsylvania and then to Cleveland for management jobs at theaters before switching to the CheckSmart Financial position.

  He heard about JMI Reports through his wife, Kristen, who works at Cleveland Eye and Laser Surgery Center in Fairview Park with the wife of JMI FOM Mike Helman.

  “We hang out and have cookouts as couples,” John said. “Mike knew I was looking for a new job and told me to check it out on This came at a perfect time. There were a lot of changes going on at work with a lot of the upper management leaving, and I knew it was time for a chance for me too.”

  While he has just been at JMI for a week, he has been learning the WRDS system and all about surveys and what his job will entail. He impressed with what he has seen so far.

  “This is going to be a nice change – to work for a company that cares a lot about their employees,” John observed. “ I am really excited to be here.”

  John and Kristen have been married four years. He has a daughter, Mallory, and a stepson, Caden. A Steelers fan, John enjoys spending time with family and friends when he isn’t working.

  “We like to play cards, get ice cream, and go to the movies!”