Corporate Announcements
Vikki Deyarmin joins JMI's Client Support Team
8 Nov

   Vikki Deyarmin began work at JMI Reports home office in North Royalton two weeks ago as a Client Support representative. She applied to JMI Reports looking for something to take her life in a new direction.

   Vikki had spent several years in the field of Customer Service, most recently as a claims adjudicator in the automotive industry.

In her role, she provided customer service and answered detailed questions regarding customers’ warranty  agreements and the claims process. However, she also had to tell the car owners that they didn’t have coverage.

  “I was not happy at all and was tired of fighting with people about money. I wanted to be able to help people in a setting that wasn’t confrontational.”

Vikki saw the JMI Reports position on and was drawn to it due to having 20 years of Customer Service experience and past experience at a job where there were independent contractors and surveys.

  A resident of Strongsville, working full time at the JMI home office in North Royalton also appealed to her, Vikki said.

  “Everyone has been so nice and seems so happy with what they are doing here,” she said. “It just seems like such a positive place.”

   Vikki, the youngest of five, grew up on the west side of Cleveland. She was homeschooled and then entered the work force upon getting her high school certificate. Eight years younger than her next youngest sibling, her parents were older when they had her. As the youngest and the only one without children, it was Vikki who was the primary caregiver for her parents when they were ill. She lost them both to cancer in the last seven years.

  “I am so glad I was able to care for them both, but now I am at a point that I just want to enjoy life and also learn something new,” Vikki said.

  In addition to seeking out a new career path, she also is dating a man named Tim who she met on a blind date through acquaintances.

  They enjoy hiking and going out for coffee.

  “We go to coffee tastings, instead of wine tastings,” she said.

  Vikki shared how she has always loved color and how in a previous job, she would help people select colors. She still has that color palate and on tough days at her previous job, she would pull out the color palate to look at to calm her down on stressful days.

  “I will just pull out the colors, calm down and then focus on the next big thing,” Vikki said, noting she loves cats and is glad to have Woody and Bo in the office.